otcextensions Release Notes


New Features

  • CLI CBR Vault operations (List, Show, Create, Update, Delete, Associate/Dissociate resources, Bind/Unbind policy)

  • SDK CBR Task list operation support.

  • CLI List/Show CBR Task

  • Add DCAAS Connection resource implemetation.

  • Add DCAAS Virtual Gateway resource implemetation.

  • Add DCS Maintenance Time Window list support.


New Features

  • Add CCE certificates show support into CLI.

  • Add DCS Quota list operation support. Add new mixin class for quotas.

  • SDK KMS Quota list operation support. CLI List KMS Quotas

Other Notes

  • Auto_scaling quota refactoring was done.


New Features

  • Allow passing vpc_id when listing subnets


New Features

  • Add VPC Subnet resource implementation


Bug Fixes

  • Fix base_path for Vpc route.


New Features

  • Add find_vpc method to the proxy layer for the VPC service.

  • Add VPC resource implementation.

Other Notes

  • VPC proxy contain all supported resources as v1.


New Features

  • Add RDS v3 SDK support for the following instance operations: restart, resize volume, change flavor, query logs, add/remove tag.


New Features

  • Release notes tutorial added to documentation.


New Features

  • Agency auth now also support undocumented “restrict” setting for requesting explicit roles in the scope. This is really undocumented feature, therefore it is not documented there. Really.

  • The update contains all SDK and OpenStack Client parts for the ‘Cloud Search Service’ module and the unit tests.


New Features

  • Add DDS instance operations support.


New Features

  • Add DDS datastore type/version support.

  • Add DDS flavors list support.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes metric naming for the CES service.

Other Notes

  • Initializes releasenotes building.